Finch family Boots2Africa fundraising firewalk


4 months ago Iain Finch and his family created Boots2Africa:  the aim to collect and deliver 1 million pairs of donated football boots to the continent by 2030.


Here is what Iain Finch had to say  


"We've had amazing support from the public, media, local grassroots football clubs, Colchester United and Ipswich Town are on board too, offering us 'donation events' on match days.  We've now received just short of 400 pairs of donated boots and 'Astros', but they won't walk themselves there:  So as part of our initial fundraising campaign (target £10k by March 17) we've teamed up with the amazing 'Love Support Unite' Foundation to take part in their 'Fearless Firewalk' fundraising challenge at Wivenhoe Cricket Club.


We'll be walking the coals with them this Wednesday evening 9th November.  Your support would be greatly appreciated and every penny raised really will #changethegame and help make #Boots2Africa a reality.  The stats are in the presentation, but the biggest one of all is that over 10 thousand children a year die in Africa through snakebites and infections of the foot ……#Boots2Africa can at least go some way to fixing that!


Attached a short presentation about what, why and how we're getting #Boots2Africa off the ground.  You can find us on social media too, Facebook #Boots2Africa, Twitter @boots2africa and we've also got a company page on LinkedIn too! 


If you'd like to help Boots2Africa in any way, organising boots donations through your local sports club, expertise in fundraising, resourcing containers to Mombassa (£3k) or have just got a dozen pairs of old boots loafing in the garage, get back in touch with us at


Thanks for your support, we'll naturally be posting videos and photographs of the event out on social media…….#smokin!"